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Ian Hamilton RSHom,  has been a homeopath in practice for many years and graduated in 1987. Through all his activities over the last 30 years, his practice has remained the constant and enduring factor and the rock on which he bases all his professional life.

“I have had and still have, busy practices in the UK and am currently working away at a new group, Art and Homeopathy  – a new way of looking at case taking and how art and homeopathy interact with each other on many levels.

I regard myself as a consulting homeopath, using skills and experience amassed over a long period. I use a range of approaches to consulting and try to seek the best way into a case from how the individual and their disease state presents and how I relate to them.

I mainly work in Scotland now, in Perthshire and Edinburgh, but I use on line and distant consultation approaches if this suits. From 21st December 2018 I will be opening a practice in London”.

To enquire about a consultation, or to ask about the practice, just follow this link.