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The Golden Centre and art

Art and art therapy are one of the most successful ways of dealing with illness. Creativity is a human instinct… whatever you see as creative is valid, from making pictures, to sewing, to taking photos, to hoeing the garden. Write a poem, sing a song, dance a waltz.

Art therapy is a recognised part of medical support, offered by the Maggie Centres and by qualified art therapists as well as some homeopaths who use art as part of their practice.


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Golden Centre relaunched

After a long gap when the site was off line we are proud to relaunch The Golden Centre. The relaunch is to offer support, through complementary therapies, to  those affected by breast and other cancer.

“The Golden Centre mission is to provide, mainly through complementary therapies, a life and health support service, primarily but not exclusively, to people who are cancer sufferers. Our purpose is to help you take control of your situation and use as many ways as you possibly can to feel that you are doing something about making your life and health better in your own terms, through taking positive action and being informed.”